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Our lead has many reasons

Outstanding equipment technology

The technology of the Asiga® printing systems is mature and it is designed for use in the professional production environment.

Material competency

In-house development and production is
responsible for the innovative and economical
range of generative resins, which are optimally matched to the Asiga® premium printers.


Dentona has several years of experience in the installation of 3D printing systems and has set up a competent support. The dental application know-how is a valuable aid for every user.



The 3D printer for professional application

Die herausragende Genauigkeit, Druckgeschwin-digkeit und Prozessstabilität machen die ASIGA PRO 2 zur optimalen Lösung in einer profes-sionellen Produktionsumgebung. 


The compact all-in-one printer


Der kompakte Desktop-Printer vereint Wirtschaft- lichkeit, Flexibilität und Bedienerfreundlichkeit in einer Maschine. 

Your contact person for 3D-Printing:

Marc Hütt

Telefon: +49 (0) 231 555 6 - 0


dentona 3D-Printing Workshops

Erfahren Sie mehr über das 3D-Printing und besuchen einen unserer Workshops

Das sagen unsere Kunden

„Von den Vorteilen der additiven Fertigung sind mein Geschäftspartner und ich voll überzeugt. Wir haben uns für den Drucker ASIGA PRO2 ent-

schieden und mit dieser Investition den Weg für neue Geschäftsfelder geebnet.“

Alexander von Fehrenteil

VFM Dentallabor GmbH


„Seit wir den Printer in unsere Produktion voll integriert haben, geht alles deutlich schneller und präziser.“


ZTM Pano Athanasiou

Crossmill GmbH


Whitepapers zum Thema 3D Druck



Advantage of material competency

The Additive Manufacturing of dental form parts based on digital data is to be established in dentistry and represents an important part of  many process chains.

The light-curing premium resins from the range cover the whole spectrum of materials for additive manufacturing in dentistry. The products are specially adjusted for 3D printers used in the image projection process (DLP®: digital light processing).

The company’s in-house development and production is responsible for the innovative and economic range of resin additives, which are optimally adapted to the requirements of various printing systems.


optilign – Creating Unique Selling Points

invisible - unbeatable

optilign is an innovative new concept for professionals to adjust and regulate front teeth in a dental laboratory. optilign allows all dental laboratories safe and immediate access to the growth market of cosmetic front teeth correction.
The particular area of innovation is found in the optional associated Full Service
Concepts by dentona, as well as in the simple, flexible access for practices and
laboratories. As well as being provided with hardware, software and high quality
materials, you will also receive expertise via white papers, workshops and
recommendations for practical applications, including an optional offer of professional consultation.

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