With the processing systems CORiTEC 350i PRO a new machine concept has been developed. The one-piece machine framework made of polymer concrete maintained the highest possible stability ensuring a vibration-free processing. The dynamic high-resolution servo motors with absolute measuring systems grant up to 20% faster processing times at optimum precision.

This makes the CORiTEC 350i PRO suitable for the highest standards within
the dental laboratory or milling centre at a very compact design. All dental CAD
/ CAM materials are processed by the CORiTEC 350i PRO. The precision of the machine also allows the processing of highly complex restorations like one-piece implant-supported constructions. With the help of the standard blank holder 5-axis machining of restorations with milling angles up to 30 degrees can be processed.

The integrated zero point clamping system allows the use of various adapter
systems like glass ceramic adapters or different premilled systems. By using the new open blank holder Restorations with up to 90 degrees angle of attack can be processed. The CORiTEC 350i Loader PRO with fully automated blank magazine also allows the versatile processing of up to 12 blanks in an unmanned operation.

 The professional solution 

 for highest demands!     

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