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Milling with resins – Not just a question of aesthetics

The resin and wax blanks are manufactured industrially to a high density and they meet the highest technical requirements. The varied range means that temporary or long term temporaries or splints can be manufactured, supporting the use of formed restorations and fittings, bite inspection and adjustments in the mouth of the patient. The blanks are available in various shapes and sizes, so they are suitable for the most common milling machines.

Take full advantage of flexisplint now also for milling!


Thermoplastic resin – This innovative material for producing splints is a type of
thermoplastic resin certified class IIA. The special thing about the material is
its thermo-effect,which adjusts itself in the patient’s mouth. The material becomes more flexible without losing its high level of tensile strength and resistance to breaking. For the patient, this means a considerably
improved level of comfort. The dentist saves an enormous amount
of time and achieves repeatable results through the digital production

The memory effect achieved by the material properties acts in such a way that

the splint or brace automatically returns to its former shape after being formed. The memosplint material is clear, transparent and has a neutral taste. It is very machinable and for manual corrections it is compatible with conventional powder-liquid systems. It is suitable for therapeutic, reflex, positioning and stabilisation splints.

Special features

  • Tension-free wearing comfort and precise fitting, due to memory-effect

  • Very durable, due to maximum breakage safety

  • Durable clearness for nearly unnoticable wear

  • Phthalate-free and hypoallergenic, due to residual monomer content of MMA of 0%



This blank, made from polymethylmethacrylate and combined with highly cross-linkable additives to improve structure, is suitable for producing everything from individual crowns and multi-part crown sections to bridges and temporary appliances for the anterior and posterior teeth.

The biocompatible optimill temp milling blank, as an approved Class IIa medical device, is perfectly suited for manufacturing long term appliance solutions. In addition, splints made from the transparent (clear) optimill temp blank can be produced to provide therapeutic treatment for jaw joint problems and functional diagnosis. This material option makes the CAD / CAM based splint manufacturing process a very cost effective alternative to manual manufacturing.

Technical data

Material                          100% PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylat)
Flexural strength           > 75 MPa
Vickers hardness           26,6 HV2
e-Module                         2.771 MPa
Water absorption          ≤ 25 μg/mm³

Your benefits:

Special features:

  • Very good wet and dry processing with all common milling machines

  • Easy and fast processing and polishing in the laboratory

  • Can be combined with all light-curing composites and colors

  • Very low water absorption due to minimal residual monomer content

  • Homogeneous highly molecular material due to the special polymerization      processReleased medical device class IIa



This microcrystalline paraffin wax can be precisely milled with all common milling machines. This creates a perfect fit for the subsequent casting process. The material is very stable and allows the perfect realisation of up to 14 unit bridges.

Technical data:

Material                          Microcrystalline paraffin wax
Hardness                       50 – 55 Shore-D
Density                           0,92 g / cm3
Flame point                   301,7°C
Dropping point              107,8°C
Colour                             blue

Your benefits:

  • Very stable for problem-free implementation of the restoration

  • Useful connection of CAD / CAM technology with the casting technique

  • No material melting and clogging of tools

Special features:

  • Metal oxide free, ideal for pressed ceramic

  • Very good milling on all standard milling machines

  • Very economical due to the low purchase price



This blank made of transparent resin is easy to use and to mill in wet mode on all standard milling machines. The material burns residue-free and is thus perfectly suitable for the casting and press-on technology. The blank is particularly suitable for the production of (fully anatomic) crowns and bridges, individual superstructures on titanium bases, telescopes and conus crowns, as well as inlays, onlays, veneers and drilling templates.

Technical data:

Material 100%               PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate)
Density                           1,19 g / cm3
Flame point                   > 250°C
Dropping point              102 °C
Colour                             clear

Your benefits:

Special features:

  • Approved for fitting and bite control

  • Useful connection of CAD / CAM technology and the casting technique

  • Good use in everyday life due to the applicability in the patient's mouth

  • Released as a Class I medical device

  • Wide application and indication spectrum

  • High-density (bubble-free) material thanks to industrial prefabrication



The number of people with allergic reactions to certain materials is increasing. With optimill splint, you
get a biocompatible resin for patients with allergic reactions to other materials and for patients with
the highest awareness for health. This blank, made from transparent polyamide (PA), is an approved
Class IIa medical device.

0,0 %

Your benefits:

  • Great time savings through the digital manufacturing method

  • High wearing comfort ensures patient and customer satisfaction

  • Minimal plaque deposits due to the special surface quality

Special features:

  • Excellent for allergy sufferers

  • Very good to mill on all standard milling machines

  • Practically unbreakable when properly determined

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