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Professional solutions for the toughest requirements

Casting technique

dentona  offers a high-quality investment product
range that meets the toughest requirements
of the casting technique.

The dentona investments are equally suitable for the fast casting process and the conventional heating technique.

The product range includes special investments for the model casting technique and also the crown and bridge technique.

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precibalite plus

Carbon-free, phosphate bounded precision investment material, especially designed for highly precise castings within large span bridges. The estheticast® exact investment for crowns and bridges can be used for both the fast as weel as the conventional casting process. It has been especially developed for presicion castings in the crown and bridge field combined with all Standard alloys - whether larger or smaller gold bearings or base material - as well as pressable ceramics. The detailed instruction with practical mixing recommendations as to the materials and indications ensures perfect results and precise expansion control right from the start.

Seite 40 estheticast exact.png
  • very smooth casting and press surfaces

  • easy intergration thanks to improved fluidity

  • accurate expansion control, even with superstrures and large span bridges

  • suitable for all alloys and presable ceramics

acero MOG

acero MOG is a Type 5 cobalt/chrome (CoCr)-based model cast alloy for the entire scope of the model casting and combination techniques!

acero MOG is suitable for flame casting, vacuum pressure casting and the high-frequency casting process. It is characterised by high corrosion resistance and is suitable for use with any laser.

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Safety data sheets /


Here you will find the safety data sheets as well as the instructions for our products

Your benefits

  • high resistance to corrosion and biocompatible

  • high level of comfort thanks to medium final hardness

  • suitable for all casting processes

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