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Model systems from our own production

All PVC base systems from dentona
come from our own production. The special
connection technology between the base
and the corresponding splitcast plates is a
further technical development to other PVC
base systems and object to patent application
from dentona.

The model systems of dentona are suitable for the conventional as well as for the digital model production. The user gets maximum freedom of organisation and is therefore prepared for all laboratory requirements.

The high quality demand of dentona customers is a challenge as to the control of all manufacturing steps in order to offer the perfect end product.

It doesn't get any faster

optibase exclusiv

The innovative model system for efficient fabrication of optimal saw models. Now in a circular shape for better handling and made cost-effective by dentona‘s in-house production. As the pin base plate is already equipped with the pins the user saves the purchase and the maintaining of a pin driller as well as the drilling. The Optibase
exclusiv base plate is reusable dozens of times and thus the system is extremely economical.

Your contact for advice & orders:

Phone: +49 (0) 231 555 6 - 0


optibase standard

This type is made entirely of PVC. Even if you only use it once, this alternative is very reasonably
priced and more economical than other disposable systems because of the time saved.

Safety data sheets


Here you will find the safety data sheets as well as the instructions for our products

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