Die herausragende Genauigkeit, Druckgeschwindigkeit und Prozessstabilität machen die ASIGA PRO 2 zur optimalen Lösung in einer professionellen Produktionsumgebung. 

Safe process chain

The years of experience of dentona‘s technicians and the development and production of the generative resins of the optiprint line, adapted to the asiga Pro2, give the user the assurance to carry out the printing process around the clock.


 The 3D printer for   professional application 

ISAS technology

Asiga‘s pioneering iSAS™ (intelligent slide and separate) Technology is the safest way for stereolithographic printing, which, by using only minimal support structures, gives you  unprecedented accuracy and brilliant print results at maximum building speed.

Maximum range of applications

Combined with the iSAS™ technology and the wide range of optiprint materials, the asiga Pro 2 printer offers the maximum range of applications of a desktop device.

Temperature-controlled installation space

The control of the temperature in the installation space is a very important success factor for process stability and accuracy. Irrespective of the external conditions, the resin in the installation space has the necessary minimum temperature so that the preset
viscosity and tear strength are always given.

High power UV LED

The HD beamer with the wavelength of 385 nm is the essential prerequisite for printing all bio-compatible materials of the optiprint line. With the clearly transparent premium resins you will only get brilliant components without unwanted discolouration.

Integrated light sensor

It is a natural phenomenon that the power of the LED decreases during the use of the device. The integrated light sensor ensures permanent automatic calibration, by means of which the
production conditions are ensured and the maintenance effort is minimised.

Servo motor

The Z-stroke of the design platform is achieved by means of a servo motor with a closed control loop, which allows an accuracy of 200 nanometres, regardless of the building speed, size and geometry of the component. Compared to the stepper motor, this technique is far superior in terms of process safety and repeatability.


Das sagen unsere Kunden

Wir haben einen Workflow definiert, der gegenüber der 

konventionellen Technologie zirka 40 % Zeitersparnis bringt.

Die Konstruktion des Gerüstes in der CAD-Software ist für den geübten Techniker innerhalb von 20 Minuten möglich. Die Druck-dauer von 8 Modellguss-Gerüsten beträgt zirka 2 bis 3 Stunden.

ZTM Pano Athanasiou, Crossmill GmbH, Remscheid

dentona 3D-Printing Workshops

Erfahren Sie mehr über das 3D-Printing und besuchen einen unserer Workshops


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