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The best results from Research and Development

dentona has had its own silicone production
for many years. Taking the development and
manufacture of the special products into their
own hands was the logical consequence of the
constantly rising requirements of the users on
the physical properties and the processing
quality of the products.

The know-how to ensure a high quality at a constant level results from dentona’s decade-long experience in the production of dental plasters. dentona offers a high-quality range of duplicating and modelling silicones.

The high application reliability of
the special products goes back to decades of
experience with dental silicones.

dentona 1:1 gum

dentona® 1: 1 gum is an addition-curing modelling silicone – easy and comfortable to work due to the 1: 1 dosage. 12% higher efficiency by diminished specific mass. Very high hardness (hardness Shore A = 85).


Component colours: A (catalyst) Light grey, B(base) red, Mix color: red.

Your benefits:

  • very stable plaster keys due to high              hardness

  • very fast hardening – easily cuttable     already after 8 minutes

  • 12% higher efficiency due to reduced  specific weight

brasil 22

brasil 22 is an addition-curing 1:1 duplicating silicone – for closed, half-open and open duplicates, medium-soft (Shore hardness A =22).

Component colours: A (catalyst) light blue, B(base) orange; blended colour: velvety brown.

Your benefits:

  • optimum mixing behavior due to same viscosity of the two components

  • good readability of the duplication thanks to
    mixed velvet brown color

  • very detailed duplications due to high tensile

Your contact for advise & orders

Phone: +49 (0) 231 555 6 - 0


Safety data sheets


Here you will find the safety data sheets as well as the instructions for our products

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