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The future is research, and success is development

For four decades now, dentona has optimized and continued to perfect the production of dental models with numerous product innovations.

When dentona research findings are implemented as high-end specialities, the focus is always on the benefit to the customer.

This is possible due to close, personal contact with the customer and due to an efficient network of partners that not only bring in their own ideas and needs from their daily practice, but also coordinate the development phases of new products.

In-house research and development work has made it possible for dentona to present the world‘s first special stone with 0.00% expansion.This technology was considered infeasible, and has not been achieved by any other manufacturer. dentona combines the

entire chain of value creation under one roof: from research to the composition of selected raw materials,all the way to the fabrication of special stones and delivery to the customers. Thus dentona can guarantee you the highest quality of products, as it has for 40 years now.

Together into the future!

“New Way dental technology“ has been the dentona claim since 2011 and underscores our willingness to pursue the latest developments in dental technology together with you, turning them into tangible products that you can use. Powerful desktop printers in combination with dentona's generative resins have ensured a huge increase in users' efficiency

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